Store your life's blueprint for when your family needs it most

Final Blueprint allows you to store & share custom online blueprints that help loved ones fulfill your wishes and execute your funeral plans after you pass


How it works

Securely store your final wishes and arrangements

Follow our easy, fill in the blank template regarding common funeral questions and use our helpful tips to assist you along the way.

Choose companions you entrust to hold the key

A companion is a person you trust and know very well. They hold the digital keys to your blueprint. Don't worry - they cannot access it before you pass.

After you pass, your companions are then able to access your wishes.

If something happens to you, your companions come together to gain access to your Final Blueprint.

Your Final Journey, Your Way

Your blueprint can include written messages, instructions for a pet, funeral arrangements, what to do with your online accounts, and anything else you think would be helpful to your family. Final Blueprint really isn't for you, it's here to help your friends and family move forward.

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Safe and Secure

All information stored on Final Blueprint is encrypted and locked behind multiple passwords and time-delayed access.

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What Your Blueprint Covers

Final wishes and arrangements

Securely pass on information your family would need to properly plan a funeral the way you would want, especially the small things. Songs you want played, organ donation and what type of service you would want.

Digital legacy

People have a lot of online accounts, leave instructions on what to do with them. Have a message or advice you want to leave behind? Write messages that will be viewed after you’re gone.

Useful tips and guides

Death has always been a hard subject to talk about. Inside you will find inspiring stories, sentimental ideas and guides that will help you navigate through difficult times.

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  • 3 - 5 Companions
  • Unlimited Letters to loved ones
  • Encrypted Information
  • Customize Your Blueprint as much as you want
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