The Final Blueprint Story

The idea for Final Blueprint developed after I lost a family member tragically. My family was shocked, caught off guard and unprepared. My relative had a will, assets, and life insurance taken care of, but never talked about final wishes or arrangements. Getting through the funeral was hard on everyone, but like a family does in the face of a tragedy, we all came together. We had a lot of questions before planning a funeral, but after many discussions and literally searching for answers, not all were found.

I learned that the small things are sometimes forgotten when it comes to big life plans, and thought there needs to be a better way to handle planning for death. Why couldn’t we have all the answers, why did it have to be this difficult? We go online to plan vacations, plan for education, plan our retirement and plan our finances. Why can’t we easily and securely plan for our death?

Nobody wants to talk about death or plan for it, and I used to be one of those people until I found myself in the hospital with a potentially life-threatening bone infection. During that seven-day hospital stay I realized I didn’t have a plan to leave behind if something ever happened to me. After talking with a lot of friends and strangers who were in their mid- to late-twenties, I realized wasn’t alone.

It troubled me that I could have left my family with some impossible questions to answer. At the time I didn’t have a will, had no kids, didn’t own a home and had never thought about final wishes or funeral arrangements. It scared me to think of how those discussions and possible arguments could have played out. I wanted my family to easily find everything they would need in case I passed away. Death is a hard subject to talk about, and I wanted to create a place where people felt comfortable thinking about it and could plan for it on their own time.

That’s how Final Blueprint was created. It’s your final journey, your way. It’s not doom and gloom when you plan for something like this, rather it’s making sure you’re ready for tomorrow. Create your Final Blueprint and be prepared for the inevitable, no matter how far away it may seem. Have peace of mind knowing that losing someone can be just a little easier on a family. That’s who Final Blueprint is really for, your family. Life is full of amazing moments, with great family and friends, but life can also be filled with heartache and scary times. Please take the time, get prepared and live life to the fullest, because you only get one chance at it.


Kevin Oulds.
Founder of Final Blueprint