How it works

Securely store your final wishes and arrangements

Follow our easy, fill in the blank template regarding common funeral questions and use our helpful tips to assist you along the way.

Choose companions you entrust to hold the key

A companion is a person you trust and know very well. They hold the digital keys to your blueprint. Don't worry - they cannot access it before you pass.

After you pass, your companions are then able to access your wishes.

If something happens to you, your companions come together to gain access to your Final Blueprint.

How does Final Blueprint work?

When a member first signs into Final Blueprint, their blueprint will be blank. Follow our easy, fill in the blank template regarding common funeral questions and use our helpful guides to assist you along the way. Before you start filling out your Final Blueprint you must pick your companions. A companion is a person you trust and know very well. If something happens to you, they will be the ones to gain access to your Final Blueprint after you pass.

What is a Companion?

To start the process you need to choose 3-5 very important friends or family members who will become your Final Blueprint companions. A companion is someone close to you who you would want to execute the wishes in your blueprint after you pass away. This could be a family member, close friend, or someone else you trust to access your plans.

How does a companion access a blueprint?

When you create your blueprint and designate 3-5 companions each of those people will receive an email letting them know they’ve been assigned as one of your companions. That email will also contain a secure link (a digital key) which they would click in the event of your passing. At least two companions need to click that link in order for your blueprint to be activated: when the first companion clicks the link, the other companions will be notified and asked to confirm your passing. After 24 hours the blueprint will be released to them.

How to access a blueprint after someone has passed away:

  1. Find the email link you received for the person who has passed.
  2. Click that secure link, you will be asked to confirm your choice.
  3. A message will be sent to other companions to confirm a death.
  4. After two companions have confirmed that someone has passed, the blueprint will be released to all companions after 24 hours.

Can my companions access my blueprint at any time?

No. As an added level of security, there is a 24-hour time delay for your blueprint. As soon as a companion tries to access your blueprint you will receive an email notification and can easily deny access. Hint: if you’re reading the email, they shouldn’t be trying to access your blueprint. Simply deny their request, and we recommend selecting new companions.

Who should I designate as a companion?

Selecting a Final Blueprint companion should be a fairly easy choice. It should be someone you trust and know very well. Your choices should have some sort of relationship with your immediate family if they are not a family member. This will make preparations go smoothly when friends and family are discussing your Final Blueprint.

What type of information should I leave out of my blueprint?

We don’t recommend including your online passwords in your blueprint - if you do want to give your family access to your passwords, try signing up for a password storage account like, and give a trusted family member or friend the password. We also don’t recommend storing bank account numbers or other sensitive information.

Does a blueprint replace a will?

No. A blueprint is not meant to replace a will - your will covers your assets and beneficiaries, and we recommend creating a will if you do have assets, property or dependents. Your blueprint is meant to cover all the items a will typically doesn’t include: what you want done with your online accounts; messages to loved ones; and other information that could be relevant to your loved ones after you pass.

Why do you charge an annual subscription fee?

We charge a $24.95 fee to securely store your blueprint. As a part of that fee we provide ongoing support, an annual reminder to update your blueprint, and other resources to help you with end-of-life planning. We think peace of mind is well worth the $24.95 annual fee. We also donate a portion of every user’s fee to charity.

How often should I update my blueprint?

As part of your annual subscription, we’ll remind you to update your blueprint once a year. Even if nothing has changed, we recommend reviewing your blueprint to ensure your wishes and account information haven’t changed.

I need help! Who can I contact?

You can get in touch with a member of the Final Blueprint team anytime at

I would like to change a companion, what do I do?

To change a companion, please contact us at and let us know what you would like changed.